photo: Diego Hyndman



I began cultivating a love for film in the sixth grade. My friend, Blake, had access to an unlimited - and more importantly, unmonitored - Blockbuster account, and one fateful evening we rented Fight ClubBoogie Nights, and Requiem for a Dream. Sure, these films may have been a bit much for a twelve-year-old, but the experience was truly life changing. I may not have understood exactly what I had watched, or known enough to find the themes resonant - but it was the first time I realized the power of film. That not only was there obviously much about life I had yet to learn, but that film was far more than just an entertainment outlet.

Years later, I'm a graduate of Seattle University with a BA in Film Studies & Theory and work in and teach film in Seattle, WA. This site is where my writings, lists, and various thoughts on film can be found. 

- Aniello De Angelis